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Thermal Oxidizers & Fired Equipment

TCE offers Thermal Oxidizers for the destruction of VOC’s, Hydrogen Sulfide and Halogenated Compounds.  TCE and their partners have over 500 installations in service through out the world.

TCE’s Thermal Oxidizers include:

  • With and without Heat Recovery
  • Fume Incinerators
  • Tail Gas Incinerators
  • Reaction Furnaces for Sulfur Recocovery
  • Scrubbing Systems ( Wet and Dry)
  • Down Fired and Upfired
  • Catalytic
  • Burner Management Systems
  • Sulfur Recovery Re-Heaters

TCE’s Thermal Oxidizers handle a variety of waste gas streams.  We utilize specially designed burners custom built for each application.  We find that because of our custom design approach we can meet or exceed performance standards that are beyond the capabilities of most thermal oxidizer companies.

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